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Freddy Mi Mi Yorkie Shop

Male Biewer Yorkie

Meet our newest breeder! This handsome guy is one looker!!

We got him directly from the UK and raised him right here at Sunnysouth Puppies! We are more then pleased with his performance!

He weighs 4 lbs. He is very bright and perky! 

His DOB: is 09/14/19

He is a VERY aggressive breeder!

Toby Jr. ~ M ~ Shihtzu

Toby Jr.

Male Shihtzu

Toby Jr was born and raised at Sunny South Puppies. He is a son of Alvin's special golf cart buddy Toby Sr.
He carries many generations of the red gene! He weighs in at 10lbs. He is AKC registered.
Special characteristics are his very unusual eyes! They tell of his gentle nature. He's a sweetheart!
Emperor Lang-Hao-Kai shihtzu male (Toby)

Tucker Zazu Prince Charming
Male Maltese

Tucker ~ Male Mattese_edited.jpg
Tucker ~ Male Maltese

 A really nice Maltese is hard to fine, Our Tucker meets all the requirements of Sunnysouth Puppies! He weighs a perfect 6lbs and is AKC registered. He has awesome black points a very silky coat! He has a perfect contoured muzzle. He does a beautiful job with our Morkies and Malshi's!

Diedrick Ben Leopold (Benny) F1 Biewer 1

Diedrick Ben Leopold (Benny)

Male Biewer Yorkie

Benny is a Biewer Yorkie. He is registered with the "Biewer Yorkie Association" BYA Benny weighs 4 lbs. He has a very silky coat, he is laid back and gets along wonderful with the other dogs.

Truly a Prince, Jameson has earned a special status with our studs.

He weighs 4 1/2 lbs on most days.

He is BYA registered , has a lush coat with very little fading. 

He has thrown some of our nicest puppies!

Copy of Jameson (3).JPG

Prince Jameson
Male Parti Yorkie

Austen is imported from the Ukraine.

His birthday is August 25,2020.

He is BYA registered. He weighs 4 1/2 lbs.

He has big beautiful eyes and a very nice silky coat!

Austen is young and very full of life, and healthy!

He's a awesome looker and we are very pleased with his performance

Austin Sweet Bunny

Austen Sweet Bunny
Male Biewer Yorkie