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Our Health Guarantee


We at Sunny South Puppies are happy to provide a one year health guarantee for our lovely puppies.


It is the new owner's responsibility to take their puppy to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within three business days from date of purchase to ensure they have received a healthy puppy and validate this agreement. If the veterinarian finds (papers and veterinarian signature required) the puppy to have a life threatening fatal genetic or hereditary condition, the puppy may be returned in exchange for a full refund or a replacement puppy of equal value.


This health guarantee does not cover puppies that go down with hypoglycemia (fluctuations in sugar levels which can occur in small breed puppies) coccidia, giardia or any condition that can be corrected by surgery or treated with medication which may occur.


Within the first year should the puppy be diagnosed (vet papers required) with a fatal hereditary condition (such as enlarged internal organs) the puppy will be replaced as soon as possible. Should the puppy die, an autopsy done at the owner's expense is required and the findings must be submitted in writing to the veterinarian of Sunny South Puppies. If the puppy is diagnosed with a fatal hereditary disease at the time of death, 75% of the purchase price will be refunded.


The new owner takes full responsibility for their new puppy from the moment of purchase. Sunny South Puppies is not liable for any vet bills, medical expenses or any damages, injuries or illness caused by the puppy. This puppy is sold as a pet and we assume no responsibility for any breeding done with this puppy or any litters produced by this puppy. Sunny South Puppies cannot guarantee color, size or the ability to train the puppy.


For the above said Health Guarantee to be valid, we require that an all-natural, organic dog food be feed to the puppy for the first year from the time of purchase.


We personally feed Life’s Abundance Dog Food to our puppies.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your new puppy and we will do all in our power to make your buying experience a pleasant one

Irene Schlabach

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