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Our faith and our family are important to us. And for that reason we do not take calls, show or negotiate for puppies on Sunday. Thanks for understanding.

Puppies are like Potatoe chips, you can't have just one!

Home of the Biewer and Biro Yorkies.
our story

Our Story


  Sunny South puppies is owned and operated by Alvin and Irene Schlabach along with their daughter Tabitha.

  We are located in the sunny country side of Dade City, Florida.

  Our goal is to raise puppies in a healthy, sanitary environment and prepare them to be the best pets possible.  We spend a lot of time with our puppies, making sure their needs are met and accustoming them to being around people and socializing well with other humans.

  We are very concerned with the health of our dogs! We are always in attendance  (if it means staying up all night) when one of our dam's is whelping! We never go to bed without checking on each and every one of our canine family.  No dog or puppy is considered undesirable and not worthy of humane care and the gentle touch of human hands.

  Our  pets give freely to us their love and loyalty without reserve, And they deserve to be treated with the same, and it is our pleasure to do so!

  We regularly engage the services of a licensed veterinarian. Our dogs and puppies are vaccinated by a veterinarian and receive health certificates before leaving for their new homes.

  We offer a one year health guarantee against all genetic or hereditary diseases.  Please click on our  health guarantee link for further information.

  We appreciate you, (our customers) and believe that you deserve to be treated with honesty and respect and our pledge to you is to be up front with you always, and to do everything we can to make your adoption of one of our puppies a pleasant experience.

 Our faith and our family are important to us and for that reason we do not sell or show our puppies on Sundays.

  Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

Alvin, Irene & Tabitha Schlabach


Irene Schlabach

Life's Abundance Field Representative

ID #4007881

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Contact Us

Looking for more information on one of our puppies? 

give us a call at, cell: (270)725-7171 or email us using the form.

Be sure you include your email address, the name of the puppy you are inquiring about,

 your name and phone number.

We are always happy to help you pick out the puppy that is just right for you!

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First Birthday
Celebrating Our First BIRTHDAY

Happy Birthday Zoey!



Happy Birthday Mia!


Mia turned one year old today! We are very blessed to have her in our lives.

Perfect little girl.

I was tenderly cared for at Sunny South Puppies
Bow Wow!!


Only our 1 year olds go in this spot on our Home page. Include with your photo (make sure your photo is recent) some basic information, your puppy's name, breed, date of birth, parents and current weight. Others may be interested in seeing what size they can expect their puppy will be in one year.

From here your puppy will transition to The "Happy Birthday" page.

Access the page here.

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We love to hear from you!

If you have adopted a puppy from us and want to share your experience  with others who view our puppies, please click on the red button to leave us a email message with a short description of your experience, include a picture, your name, and we will be happy to post it here!  In writing your description try to keep it down to 60 words or less.

Thank you so much. 


I got Niko, now Neville, June 20,2024 from Irene and her husband. They were wonderful to work with. Irene sent videos as well as photos anytime I requested them. It showed me his amazing personality, I live rather far and I was invited up to meet him but chose to trust her and the videos she sent, he is everything and more than i could have wanted. He is very well socialized, so happy and loves everyone. He fit right in with my other dogs and the cats even play with him




Thank you, Lisa, it was a pleasure working with you!

This little guy is Chewbacca (we call him Chewy) he is a little over a year old and he weighs 5lbs. 

Thank you, Irene, for introducing him to us. Oh, and he loves his stuffed animal play toys (especially his Chewbacca one) oh and Irene, I still watch your babies on your web site. Hoping to maybe get him a sister someday.

Thanks again. Bonnie




Thank you, Bonnie, for the great review. I am sure a sister would be welcomed.!
Shelly Lynn Ponzo

This is Reese, He just turned 8 years old.

He is the best dog ever!




Shelly has been with us for many years! Thank you Shelly
image0 (17)_edited.jpg


We was so Blessed to find Irena and her family for our little boy Toby.

He is so sweet and at 5 months 3.3 pounds.  He is now a little brother to our 6 year old male small yorkie . Whom had lost his older sister and older brother two weeks apart. Leaving all of us sad. I took a change on Irena and her family. Being new to Florida and she didn’t let us down.  She helped us decide which little one would be best for us. He is loving his big brother WestinO. Thanks






We want to thank you for our 2 additions to our family this Christmas, Priscilla (Prissy) Rose and Ginger Mist are bringing us joy everyday. They are beautiful, healthy and already socially adjusted puppies.

We appreciate all your help and advice concerning our new babies. You can tell that they come from a loving home and not just a breeder. They are the perfect addition to our family.

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year.

Betty, Lyn, Moody (the cat), Prissy and Ginger




image1 (6).jpeg


We are so excited to celebrate Janie's first Christmas! She is 7 months old now and just brings us so much joy! Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Karen Pages




image0 (16).jpeg


Hi Irene,

We are excited to spend our first holiday with Teddy (a Biro Yorkie originally named Chai) He is the sweetest puppy and shares kisses with everyone he meets. He is still tiny, under 3 lbs at 8 months, but perfectly healthy! Wishing you and your family many Blessings this Christmas.

Sharon Kozar and Tom Delorie






 "I am so thankful I found Irene. Her puppies are adorable and of quality as she babies them at home with there parents until they are ready to go home with you. My little Gigi ( formerly Carma) is such a sweet little doll and so playful and cute. Everyone loves her. She is a little over 2 lbs currently at 16 weeks. I will definitely consider getting her a little sister in the future"





image0 (15).jpeg

Osana DeCosmo

Another Christmas with my special Lacy, 

I am so, happy to have found such a loving family & breeder

Merry Christmas  to you and your family

Osana DeCosmo




Karen Pages

image4 (1).jpeg

We can’t thank you enough for our precious little Biewer Yorkie puppy! Janie is doing great! We just had her check up at 14 weeks she is 2.4 lbs and very healthy. We just love her and she has quickly become the boss of the family. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and letting us visit her several times before she could come home with us. You always answered my questions and shared your knowledge of raising healthy puppies. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a healthy happy puppy! God Bless You, Karen and Nick




image1 (4).jpeg



While in search of a Biewer Terrier, I came across Sunny South Puppies, Mrs. Irene and her family. What a blessing. I could not have been more pleased. Brought Gabby home about a month ago, all 2.4 pounds of her. We have been in puppy bliss and chaos since. Lol. On our first visit to our vet (just 4 days after pick up), he marveled at what a healthy puppy Gabby is. Again, thank you, Mrs. Irene and family for the wonderful addition to my family.

Rayetta & Gabby





Ana Montero


Irene and her daughter were just the best. I was able to come visit Copper, now known as Chewee prior to him being ready to come home to Bradenton with me. They were both quite helpful and very sweet. So blessed to have fornd them. I am beyond happy with Chewee as he is the sweetest boy with an amazing personality and great demeanor Thank you again!





Pat Weber

Hi Irene;

I wanted you to see Lucca (Maggie) who just turned 1 1/2 years old.

She is the perfect lap dog! friendly, playful, and has such a good temperament. 

Thanks again for my perfect Lucca!

Pat Weber





Dennis and Mickey Haynes

This little lady has brought so much joy into our lives. We named her Grace, Gracy for short, because God planned her for us. Plus, she's full of grace with her walk and personality.

Thank you so much Irene!!!







20230422_124604 (1)_edited.jpg

Today is Marigold and Mordecai's birthday. Formally know as Wags and Wiggles. They have brought my family so much joy and love this year. Thank you so much, Irene!





Lacy May has been such a blessing. She is a very loving and social dog. Thank you Irene and Tabitha for all the nurturing you give to all your dogs .

Lacy is #1

Osana DeCosmo




Jill Buckley


Jack and his sister LuLu just turned 2 last month and are the sweetest things to ever happen to us. We met Mrs. Irene and her daughter Tabitha when the puppies were just days old. We knew immediately that they were reputable dog breeders because they kept the puppies were in their home and not a kennel.  Mrs. Irene had to feed little LuLu with a syringe hourly because she was so tiny  She probably would not have survived. If you are looking for a new member of your family, I highly recommend Sunny South Puppies.

Jill Buckley





Pasty Brandgard


Just a note to let you know today is our sweet Toby’s first birthday!  He is such fun and a joy in our lives! Thanks so much for raising these adorable puppies for others to love and enjoy!

Patsy and Andy Sokol

P.S.  All of our neighbors want to steal him!

Patsy Brandgard 




Mary, Jerry, Joey and Georgie

image1 (3)_edited_edited.jpg

Irene, we are over the moon with our little Georgie (aka Loki)!  We cannot thank you enough for the love and patience you have with these pups right up until our transition into taking him home.  Georgie is our first Shorkie, he is a very smart loving little boy and we are blessed to make him part of our family. 

Thank you!

Mary, Jerry, Joey and Georgie!!




Rojas Family

image0 (9)_edited.jpg

Love our dogs !

This is Sylvie and Wally 

Sylvie is a year and a half and Wally is 8 months they are both so loving and well behaved. This our third time getting puppies from Ms Irene and her family, we highly recommend them!

Rojas Family 






Loraine Lachance

image1 (2).jpeg

Rosie (was Vickie) is cuddling with her sister Daisy. They’re inseparable.

I’ve had such a wonderful experience with Irene and her family. I was allowed to visit my baby until she was old enough to come home to her new family. I highly recommend Sunny South Puppies.

Loraine Lachance


image0 (7)_edited.jpg

Vaun Federoff

Project2.png puppies.png

I adopted our little Kevin in November 2022 and already he has my husband and I wrapped around his little paw! Working with Irene and Tabitha while I was waiting for him to get old enough to come home was such a wonderful experience. They allowed me visits in their home each week (beautiful sparkling clean home) so we could bond and I could watch his progress. Kevin from heaven is now a gorgeous healthy 14 week old Malshi. Everyone that has met him loves him and his loving personality. Thank you Irene and Tabitha! You have helped bring such happiness to our lives!

Vaun Federoff


IMG_8034 (1).jpg

Sherry, Barry & Dixie

We’ve only had our sweet Dixie one week. She has been a joy. So cute, tiny, and fully of energy. Dixie has fit perfectly into our family. Irene and her family do a great job socializing their puppies.  We had always had Yorkies and weren’t familiar with Biewer Yorkies. We’re sold on this wonderful and unique breed. We’d like to thank Irene, Tabitha, and Alvin for the loving environment they provide for their puppies. We would recommend Sunny South Puppies to anyone looking for a beautiful, healthy puppy. 

Thank you,

Sherry, Barry, & Dixie


image0 (6).jpeg

Osana DeCosmo

Lacy May ( Mitzi ) is 7 months old  today.


Thank you to Irene and Tabitha for the loving and caring  first home  Lacy received at Sunny South Puppies.

I am so happy with my bundle of joy.  Weighing 3 lbs. Lacy is spunky, extremely smart and a loving sociable addition to my family.

During my visits  It became obvious that  Irene and Tabatha truly take pride in caring for their dogs and puppies.

I definitely recommend Sunny South to any one interested in adding a puppy to their home.

Osana DeCosmo




Charlie is the perfect addition to our family! He is one years old today and has been an amazing pup ! He is super smart and was extremely easy to train ! 

If we decide to Bring Charlie home a Brother or sister in the future, we will definitely Adopt from sunny south puppies again! They have Wonderful healthy pups and we couldn't be happier with Charlie ! 


Thank you ! 




My husband and I had been debating on getting another fur baby as we had lost our 14 year old Yorkie Poo, Fozzy December 27, 2020.  He was the best. I was looking online one evening for Yorkies and found Sunny South Puppies.  I contacted Irene and we made arrangements to go see one of her puppies.  We fell in love instantly with our Toby.  We took him home that day and enjoy him so much.  He is adorable and smart. And Irene and her family are great!

If you are looking for your “puppy love”, give them a call!

Patsy and Andy Sokol


image0 (4)_edited.jpg



 Seamas is very happy and loves to snuggle

and play.

I love him





Randy & Patricia
This is Bella this her 3rd Birthday! 3 years of love and Blessings from this beautiful baby girl! Mrs Irene ( my angle) she was a answer to my prayers! We had the most amazing time going through Mrs Irene for are precious baby girl! She was the most Professional and sweet lady to help you with your buying your baby!


Image (2)_edited.jpg
Image (3)_edited.jpg

Phil & Dorothy


Buddy turned one on12/9/2022, we fell in love with Buddy the first day we saw him. 

He is funny, energetic and very loving. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!

Love, Phil, Dorothy and Buddy too


Nancy Calhoun


Hi Irene,

Here's Luci at almost 5 months. She weights 3.8 lbs. She is our pride and joy.

Everywhere we got people say she is the cutest puppy they have ever seen.